Nicole Handel


Nicole has a passion for not only the outdoors but inviting everyone to experience it with her.  She created the Mount Washington Valley Run Club and is passionate about building a community.  Her enthusiasm, kindness and knowledge of the outdoors (and love of dogs!) will make your day in the mountains with her fun and memorable!

“I first discovered the mountains as a way to connect with my dog, Bear. What I learned over the course of the last 9 years of exploring peaks with Bear, is that nothing creates more joy, peace, fulfillment, or accomplishment for me than a day spent moving my legs outside. Now, as a Vermont transplant living in Conway, NH, I strive to bring those same feelings to those around me. My goal is to show others how transformative time spent in the mountains can be, and to do so with kindness, support, and inclusivity. The mountains are for all of us!”-Nicole