White Mountain 100

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September 1, 2023

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7:00 am

This is one of the most incredible adventures in the White Mountains.  The White Mountain 100 starts at Rattle River in Gorham, NH and ends on the other side of Mount Moosilauke.  The route covers 100 miles on the Appalachian Trail, gains just over 30,000ft of elevation, and summits 14 of New Hampshires 4000 foot peaks.  On your tour you will go across some of the classic traverses in the White Mountains.  The traverses are: Moriah/Carters/Cats Traverse, the Presidential Traverse, The Franconia ridge Traverse and the Kinsman Traverse.  You also will enjoy some amazing trails in the Pemigewasset Wilderness and finish by going over the open summit of Moosilauke.

We will meet the night before

Day 1:  Start at the Rattle River Trail and finish in Pinkham Notch. 21 miles.  You will summit Mount Moriah, North and South Carter, Carter Dome, Wildcat A and D.

Day 2:  Start in Pinkham Notch and Finish on route 302. 13 miles.  You will Summit Mount Madison, Washington.  We will provide you will a ride off of the summit to camp for the night and then back up to the summit in the morning.

Day 3: Ride up Mount Washington then run to Jackson.  15 miles.  You will be treated to incredible views for most of the day as you will be above tree-line.  We will descend via the Webster Cliff Trail.

Day 4: Start on Route 302 and hike off Galehead to camp. 16 miles.  You will be spending your day in the Pemigewasset Wilderness.

Day 5: Hike back up to the Appalachian Trail and finish in Franconia Notch. 15 miles.  You will enjoy spectacular views along the famous Franconia Ridge.

Day 6: Start in Franconia Notch and Finish in Kinsman Notch. 16 miles.  You will summit North and South Kinsman and although this is only a 16 mile day Mount Wolf will give you a challenge at the end of your day.  If you choose to swim there are many clear and refreshing water holes along the way to take a break in.

Day 7: Start in Kinsman Notch and finish in Glencliff. 10 miles.  You will summit Moosilauke and celebrate your last 4000 foot peak before descending into Glencliff where we will end your tour.

We have required gear that you will need to carry but it will be minimal.  We want to make your run as comfortable as possible so we will take care of food/water drops and on our overnight trips will set up and break down camp for you.

If you need help deciding on which gear to rent or purchase we would love to help you!  Feel free to send us a message using the form at the bottom of this page.

Day trip gear

  • Wind jacket
  • Light puffy jacket
  • Ability to hold 2 liters of water
  • light hat
  • light gloves or mittens
  • favorite snacks
  • medications
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen applied prior to going out (recommended above tree-line)
  • bug spray (suggested gear)
  • sunglasses
  • headlamp
  • many people wear hats with brim (suggested gear)
  • sneakers adequate for mountain running (sticky rubber, durable, drains easily)
  • good wicking clothing (shorts, socks, tights, long and short sleeve tee, all good to bring with you in case the weather will be chilly up high)
  • cell phone or camera to take pictures!
  • Running pack capable of carrying your personal gear
  • a good attitude

Multi Day Trip Gear

  • all of the day trip gear
  • tent
  • sleeping bag and pad
  • comfortable clothing to sleep in
  • chargers for your cell phone, watches, headlamps
  • extra sneakers (suggested gear)
  • towels/toiletries for trips where there are showers available


If you need to have more questions answered please reach out.

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  • September 1, 2023 7:00 am   -   September 8, 2023 5:00 pm